Braam Naudé

My life’s journey is rooted in art, creativity and design – in the broadest sense; driven by an evolving passion to seek out things that hold intrinsic beauty, then creating holistic experiences that appeal to all our human senses.

Through the freedom to explore, I challenge and find unique ways of expression in my art works.

Through my love of engagement with people I have developed a deep understanding of what drives their desires and needs. I source inspiration and creativity from past and present references of the human specie, their needs and incorporate it with present connectivity via social media, this reflects in my work.

I was born in South Africa and studied Art and Fine Art from a young age with a view to exploring my creative talents. My creative career started in my home ‘kontrei’ where I explored with various mediums of creativity and exhibited my work prolifically.

Moving to Johannesburg impacted immensely on my creative process and introduced me to current art and design. Exposure to the global art world became my obsession with global creativity experienced first hand, this became my focus as I worked increasingly in the creative field. I have always been obsessed with cathedrals or elaborate buildings, place of exceptional beauty, standing in awe of the magnificence of its glory. There magnificence will always be of inspiration. My fascination with muses of old artist and their sexual nuances of a then sexual free world of artist always intrigued me