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Ingrid Smit

My hopes and dreams of how my life would turn out, was influenced by my career choice at the age of 16, while studying Graphic Design. It made sense to me that I should choose an art form where I would be financially secure. My lecturers advised that I should rather do Fine Art, which I opted not to do. Their advice was however always at the back of my mind.

My career as Graphic Designer, which later lead to web development, has been fulfilling, yet I was always drawn back to the easel. I painted for friends, and participated in group exhibitions. Time constraints always lead to painting being a part time thing.

In 2016 my husband and I decided to leave the city life and settle in a small South African coastal town. I opted for a 2 year Sabbatical and focused my time on meeting new friends and enjoying the beautiful nature which surrounds us daily. I also started painting whenever I had the time.

My hope is to produce paintings which will speak to your soul. That it will awaken dreams in your mind. That will provide peace. Healing. That will ultimately be more than just a picture on a wall.