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Due to the national lockdown in South Africa, all orders will be shipped after the 17th April 2020. Thank you for your understanding and support.

Ivan Smith

Ivan Smith is a South African Artist, Designer & Photographer living & working in Cape Town.

"I pursued my artistic vision ever since childhood. After a successful 30-year career as fashion & textile designer. My reaction against fast fashion for its unsustainability & consequences for Cape Town & the World, drove me to direct my creativity toward more enduring arts. Fashion & Textiles will remain a influence but, I’m also hugely inspired by graffiti & street art. I finally transitioned to practising as full-time artist working across disciplines, mostly mixed-media painting & drawing.

Using stencilled spray paint & traditionally applied acrylics, I build my paintings with a similar methodology as creating a range of clothing; choosing stories, patterns, colours, to set up provocative relationships between subject & space, until the viewer can’t see where the art starts & the fashion ends. I begin by drawing from images around me, combining layers drawn from the rich & contradictory patterns & forms of my city’s rich architectural & cultural history.  Resulting in contemporary figurative works that play with pattern & design, elaborate motifs framing & embedding mannequin-like subjects in an aesthetic ‘fabric of the world’.

My vision comes full circle when my paintings & drawings become textiles again through digital printing and made intimate through the personal touch of hand embellishment. bringing my work back into everyday life and makes it part of a greater audience!"