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Due to the national lockdown in South Africa, all orders will be shipped after the 17th April 2020. Thank you for your understanding and support.

Jenny Mallon

I am a Graphic Designer and have enjoyed many years in the industry. I drew from my knowledge gained whilst studying and developed my own bold, bright style of painting in acrylic. Painting is a truly wonderful, immersive experience and experimenting with colours and textures, constantly challenging myself to try different styles & techniques to improve and take my work to new & exciting levels, are always part of my creative journey. I love colour & try to keep a freshness and brightness to my paintings. I tend to be drawn to bold, close up imagery and my work is often detailed with an impressionistic style.

I returned to the art of drawing and discovered my favourite drawing medium – charcoal. I have created many commissions and portraits with this beautiful black medium and relish capturing detail and emotion in my subjects. I am inspired by people’s faces and drawing older, interesting characters, exploring each line and wrinkle. People, and capturing their essence in my work remains a passion.

I have developed a large range of striking, charcoal drawings over the years, with many commissions along the way. The striking black & white of charcoal create a stunning, classic image that is ideal for décor, resulting in THE JENNY MALLON COLLECTION.

I have worked on large scale murals & paintings for homes & businesses. With this vast amount of experience, I have proven to be a very versatile artist, able to meet the needs of clients for whatever they commission me to do.