Lizelle Archer

I was born in the beautiful Springbok, Namaqualand, where once a year I got to marvel at natures miracle which was, and still is, the plains of Namaqualand flowers blooming. Returned often during holidays to Springbok to visit my grandparents all the while growing up in Gauteng, South Africa. After university travelled the world while working in Saudi. Then returned to beautiful Cape Town and made it home.

The colours of the millions Namaqualand flowers remains my inspiration for the colour I love using in my art pieces. No one of us come out of this life unscathed and this what I like to portray in my art. It is the opposites in life that attracts me. It is the happy with sad, life compared to death, hope standing against defeat. Every art piece very different from the other.

Now, all grown up, I work in an emergency department and spend the rest of my time doing what I love and that is painting, spending time in nature and drinking coffee.