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Louisa Kruger

I'm a South African (Hermanus-based) proud mom of 3 talented girls. My take on the origin and the purpose of art:

“Doesn’t art sprout from the pain and oppression? Breed in the miry clay?

Like character grows in hardship, it’s beauty for ashes and life formed from mere dust?

Surely it doesn’t come from the comfort of our couches, from our common selves or from the fat of our days. But it emerges as a hope cry; a solid escape, flags a fearless freedom, regardless of our circumstances. It’s a resilient pressing-on into colour and light. It’s turning our mourning into dancing; illuminating the silver lining, being the eye of our storm, a perfect calm in chaos. A seat at the table in front of our enemies. From the first Artist, it’s a gift in winter. “