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Tracy Algar

I live in the Overberg and am inspired by the mountains, cliff path and the plants around me.

I use marks and colour to represent the feeling of a place, my experience of being there and how I see it. They are my marks, representing the way I see and feel things.

Time happens in layers, all at the same time, stretched out over history. In my representations of landscapes, I use layers. Each layer reveals more in its colours and shapes, adding intrigue and interest. I capture emotions, the weather, my experience and the passage of time in colour and line. They are gestural interpretations of time and place. Each layer reveals more in its colours and shapes about how I connect to the landscape and how it connects back to me.

I start the painting process en plein air and finish it in my studio, with sketches, beginnings and memories of the day and the place as my guides. I use some of my sketches to create new compositions in collage, some of which go on to inspire larger artworks.

My latest collection is inspired by the landscape of the Overberg. I play fast and loose with colour and line, expressing my dialogue with the landscape. Nature sparks my expression and I want to share with the viewer the energy of the place, responding to the experience of the place with colour and line. I invite the viewer to experience the artwork emotionally as well as visually.