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Tracy Algar

I am a self-taught mixed media painter and have been selling my work internationally for the past eight years.

Since then I have created non-outcome based art with a focus on feelings, stories and experience. My art reflects my busy mind and my deep curiosity to know more and look deeper. I paint in layers, slowly bringing order and sense to a visual tale that unfolds on the canvas. My painting process is spontaneous. I work intuitively with colour and line in a range of mediums, including acrylic paint, PITT oil based pencil, ink and oil pastel. Many of my artworks contain happy accidents created by the adding of layers and the making of marks, and the subtracting of parts of the painting by colour blocking.

I use marks and colour to represent how I feel and my experiences of being in the world. Some of the marks are random and some have a specific repetitive form. They are my marks, representing the way I see and feel things.